A place where the artists can feel
at home

Come and be free to create!

Our purpose is to create and grow a community of artists firmly rooted in Christian values. We also know the art is a kind of Cinderella in Romania, especially in the evangelical area, and that’s why we deeply want to encourage the children and the youth to discover their artistic inclinations and then to offer them everything they need to excel.

On the other side, like with other trades, a ”guild” is needed. A place to belong to. A community of people from whom to steal a job. Whom to have around and with whom to celebrate the small successes or oh whose shoulders to mourn you small or big unsuccessful attempts.

Which workshop would you like to

The workshop with the most votes will be the first to receive the necessary equipment.

So far, we have chosen three possible workshops, but we are considering some others too, such as sculpture, clay modeling, photography and video processing. We also want to have a library. Practically, we dream of a HUB where the artists enjoy a good coffee and feel at home during the creative exercise. Of course, we dream of an exhibition space… and many more. But we start with these three, being inspired by an African proverb that says: ”If you want to move the mountains, start with a few stones.”

Mixed Media Art
Mixed Media Art
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By donating, you become a part of raising and forming
a generation of artists

The donated money will be used to pay the monthly rent and the equipment.
200 USD
Wednesday, 30 November, 2016
10.000 USD

Or you can make a bank transfer

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1000 USD - https://rev.money/r/1X5hwSLnuT


Alina Suiugan

I graduated the University of Arts, the graphic advertising and book illustration department, and the possibility to be part of such a community, of such a hub, seems incredible to me. I would be there every day.

Claudia Stanciu

We need a place where the sensitive spirit of the artists can create freely, a meeting place between souls, with their struggles and joys, and why not, an opportunity to spread grace and glimpse divine sparks.

Petra Gabor

I imagine that moment when I can visit ”The House of the Artists”. I dream of creative evenings, of various workshops. I see the children drawing and enjoying the colours. Everything is full of life and meaning in that place.

Andrei Wagner

We all have all kinds of paintings or artistic works. How great it will be to have an exhibition space. A place where you can expose and then discuss with the others about the stories behind the works.

This project is endorsed by Art club