Social club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings and social actions

At first blush, all people seem to be in a hurry, immersed in their own world. Problems, exams, shopping, traffic lights. But, beyond this normality, there is a story behind each of us. A life story. Some stories are beautiful, colorful and inspiring, while others may be really thrilling, with all sorts of needs. The price that needs to be paid for the redemption of these people and for helping them was and is still a bitter-sweet one. Sometimes is hard to allow imperfect people to make a home in your heart, but after you listen and understand their story, you get to accept them, to love them unconditionally, to see their beauty, their calling and to invest in all of these. All the social club activities are focused on these kind of people. Come and join us and let’s serve these disadvantaged people for them to be able to acquire social and professional skills that will help them in life.

Group leader: Cristina Minculescu

Cristina graduated from the University of Psychology in Oradea and chose to build her life helping the needy people. For a period of time, she lived together with them in order to understand them and to know their culture. With the experience gained here, she decided to start a social enterprise to help them acquire a professional qualification and be integrated into a society who rejected them.