Scouts club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings and half-yearly camps

The scouts project has its roots in the need of bringing empowerment and relevance to the next generation. We have chosen a complex and complete education program for children and young people, centered on their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual development. Children and young people are learning here by action and interaction, finding out by the trust invested in them that they represent the main agent of their own growth. Thus, this scouting road represents a way of becoming the best version of yourself; we use strategies, methods and challenges that lead to maximizing the potential of each individual. The scouts’ activity itself is structured in meetings, interactive activities, camps, trips or events, based on a system of progress and a symbolic framework which stimulates the participation, enthusiasm, and involvement of each participant. The groups of participants are organized according to the age and the stage of development, the activities being coordinated by people with experience and dedication.

Group leader: Vasile Chindriș

Vasile is a student at the University of Economic Sciences. For 4 years he has participated and has been actively involved in the Scouts groups, where he learned purity, respect, responsibility, maturity, and devotion. From this experience, he decided to get involved in the equipping of a new generation that might be connected with these values and to teach them how to develop a genuine and integrated life in a balanced manner.