Literature club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings

„If we limit ourselves to what we could live or see around us in a lifetime, we would be very poor”, used to say the literary critic, Nicolae Manolescu. Reading a book means to chat with its author and this can be a very enriching experience. You get the chance to participate at meetings around the table with writers from different periods of time and cultures. And this will make you wiser, more tolerant, more thoughtful as their words turn on the wheel of your imagination and intellect. We encourage the exploration of the universal literature, starting with the ancient literature and continuing with the other literary stages: medieval, Renaissance, classical, Enlightenment, romantic, realist, naturalist, symbolist, modern, postmodern and the contemporary one, and then starting over again, because literature, in all its forms, is an endless spring of riches for the soul and mind. Every stage represents a different facet of a diamond that reflects the same image — the image of the human being caught during his history and his becoming. We would like to read together and then we will teach you how to write. Writers and literati will join us. We are looking forward to meeting you at the literature club… a place of stories and storytellers!

Group leader: Elisabeta Vinczi

Elisabeta graduated from Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj and she loves letters and literature. So the most comfortable place for her is right there, among books. That is also the reason why she chose to become general editor within DECENU.EU. Publishing House.