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Monthly meetings

Businesses, no matter the type of them, shouldn’t be a purpose by themselves and shouldn’t redefine the entrepreneur’s lifestyle. On the other hand, businesses keep bringing progress, innovation and welfare. The challenge is to transform our business into a vehicle for a greater purpose and not a purpose in itself. The one who will not find this balance will experience frustration, exhaustion and pain. He will gather things, but will have nothing and he will have things, but lose himself. We are running seminars and business dinners for preventing this possible imbalance. We are connected with business people who succeeded in the business world, but they didn’t lower their moral standards. We observe the successful businesses and we analyze the values behind them. We add values to the other’s life and we are looking for relevant projects we want to sustain. Join our club and we will contact you to inform you about our projects.

Group leader: Laviniu Gabor

In the 18 years of entrepreneurship, Laviniu Gabor developed a group of companies in the IT, software and media field. However, he has not been and is not trapped and tributary to them. He considers that the people and the eternity are much more important than professional achievements. He believes in a balanced life, beautifully lived in the middle of the people whom he loves and whom he helps to discover and to follow their path in life.

Phone: +40 730 020283
SkypeID: glaviniu

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