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Many Christian thinkers defended the man’s right to manifest his creativity. They understood that if man was made in the image of the Creator, then he himself is a sub-creator.

Creativity in art is freeing. It can bring to light what is holding us captive. It can be revelatory, uncovering for us God’s character and our identity. It can also confront us without offending us. It challenges us to ask questions and find answers. It helps us understand the essence of things beyond what meets the eye and more than anything, it helps us understand that God wanted a relationship of friendship and collaboration with us. Once that relationship was lost, He was ready to suffer and die to restore it. And if our being has been saved, then that includes our creativity as well.

Take part in the meetings of the art club and find out how to create in an inspired way, how to hear before you draw, how to mix colors to make them able to be heard. Register so we can contact you and inform you of all our projects.

Group leader: Alexandra Romancsak

Alexandra studied at Coventry University in England, specialising in ‘Fine art and illustration’, and then pursued a Master’s degree in ‘Contemporary Arts Practice’ at the same University. When she returned to Romania, she wanted to pursue her childhood dream to create a place for creativity, inspiration and revelation with the aroma of fresh roasted coffee. A home for the art and for the kneaded clay.

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Our purpose is to create and grow a community of artists firmly rooted in Christian values. We also know the art is a kind of Cinderella in Romania, especially in the evangelical area, and that’s why we deeply want to encourage the children and the youth to discover their artistic inclinations and then to offer them everything they need to excel.