It goes one for the money, two for the show...

I understand better and better that we humans are somewhat tied to everything that lives. Everything is a creation. Whether we are talking about a field of flowers or work colleagues, about a painting or a musical creation, there is a way for each of us, regardless of our field of activity, to connect and collaborate with this creation.

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Why not me?

If we succeed in closing God in our square and square churches, we will be free in the market. Surely the schism is not an easy one, because we have to fight with our own conscience, but it finally leaves itself & nbsp; and she's killed. But this is the tragic moment when the sacred and the profane become separate entities, tributary to precise, dogmatic, millimeter laws, which will dress your wearing in a shabby and narrow robe whose straps will mutilate you and will force you to behave and specific, short-term accents. & nbsp; We come to be a "middle" thing, between nothing and everything, as Blaise Pascal said...

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Mirabela Florian

We were on the verge of divorce when God transformed our lives.



How should wonders be defined and weighed?


Cristian Galea

I have never been angry with God even when incidents and accidents have been chained.



God is a father and a king. Lord and intimate confident.


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