Political club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings

We all know that most of the politicians usually have small interests. There is nothing new in the fact that the Christian morality and values are out of the depth of so-called political decisions. To sit on the sidelines watching this show is not an option. This is the reason why we created this dialogue group on political topics. We will invite uncompromised politicians to run seminars and workshops for training us. All of these because when the appropriate time comes, you will be equipped for making the first steps into the political world. “We have been called to be salt and light, but God did not restrict at all our sphere of influence, because the world around us needs taste and shine. It is important that those who live their lives according to Christian principles should not consider themselves only passengers on this earth, but to be actively involved in the public and political life. The most suitable to make good politics are those who don't want anything for themselves, but are available to be used by God and to bring His values in the legislation of a country." Florica Chereches

Group leader: Beniamin Ile

Benjamin Ile graduated from the University of Economic Studies in Oradea - Computing and Mathematics, and now he is the technical manager at Economic Data System company. He is passionate about politics and he wants a reformed, upright and competent political class in Romania. He knows that this will not be possible without the involvement of the good people who will not negotiate their values for a handful of coins.