Movie club

Cinema Lotus

Monthly meetings

C.S Lewis said that art works like a ‘window’ to the invisible world: ‘The nearest I have yet got to an answer is that we seek an enlargement of our being. We want to be more than ourselves.
Each of us by nature sees the whole world from one point of view with a perspective and a selectiveness peculiar to himself.... We want to see with other eyes, to imagine with other imaginations, to feel with other hearts, as well as with our own... We demand windows.’ (An Experiment in Criticism). Movies are telling us real or imaginary stories. And our story was carved in our DNA when we were created in the image and the likeness of the Storyteller of the Universe. Maybe that’s why we like movies so much. We are encouraging you to let yourselves being carried out by the stories of the movies we will screen. You will see how values like forgiveness, courage, loyalty, dignity, will grow deep roots in each of you. We are waiting for you on every last Thursday of the month, and bring a friend with you!

Group leader: Beniamin Ile

Passionate about movies, but rather about the possibility to screen them in the heart of the city, in Lotus Cinema, Beni gathered around him a handful of people and together, they are selecting the movies and organize different events centered on the motivational idea found in the movies. Movies like ‘God’s not Dead’, ‘Invictus’ or ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ have given practical values to forgiveness or faith.