Media club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings

The aphorism “If you are not on Facebook, you do not exist” is already well known by all of you. We live in a period of time when information and debating have massively moved in the virtual space. Everything happens in here. Tens of publications have moved their content in the online to the disadvantage of printed information. We now have television and radio that broadcast only via web. Socializing and advertising have an incredible increase rate in mobiles.Thus we desperately need competent and creative people with special skills in creating video materials, photography and editing; radio people. Adobe suite slowly becomes a must know. So we would like to train you, to equip and challenge you. Fill in the form so we can keep you informed about the Photoshop and video production workshops that are taking place on platform.

Group leader: Adrian Știrbu

Adi graduated from the East European Bible College - Journalism Department. He was and still is very passionate about photography, filming, video editing and social media. He will always be a great conversation partener as soon as you start mentioning words like zoom, focal length, render, Adobe creative. He loves working with people, being always ready to help and teach others.