Apologetics club

Cuza Vodă nr. 23

Monthly meetings

There is much confusion in the Christian world today, as superficiality became a sort of virtue. We doubt everything and everyone, because we do not know our azimuth and did not set our compasses right. The craziness of the urgent slowly killed the lecture time, meditation breaks, difficult conversations. We are afraid to submit our belief system to somebody else’s judgement because we are not capable to bring on the table scriptural arguments, not to mention the historical or philosophical ones. Rhetoric? Oratory? These are all foreign sciences for us. No problem! We take things as they are, but we move on and start building. We think of debates for high school pupils, so that their faith would grow even when they meet so much scepticism. We organize apologetic seminars for students also, so their faith becomes stronger when tested by materialism around the age of 25. Come join us and get ready to find out how to be accountable for your faith. Fill in the form and we will contact you and inform you about all our projects.

Group leader: Laviniu Gabor

Passionate by the Scripture, Laviniu spent many years in the program “Istoria Binecuvântării” (The history of blessings), coordinated by Beniamin Fărăgău. Then the writings of the puritans and people like Gordon van Veelen, Richard Heard, Bill Johnson, brought new dimensions, completing his image about God. He enjoys reading C.S.Lewis and contemporary authors like Os Guinness or John Lennox.