Why not me?

Why not me?

If we succeed in closing God in our square and square churches, we will be free in the market. Surely schism is not an easy one, because we have to fight our own conscience, but in the end it is also killed. But this is the tragic moment when the sacred and the profane, become separate entities, tributary to precise, dogmatic, millimeter laws, which will embrace your wearing in a shabby and narrow robe whose straps will mutilate you and will force you to behave and specific, short-term accents.

We come to be a "middle ground", between nothing and everything, as Blaise Pascal, caught between thirst and the impossibility of knowing God, between the continual quest for happiness and almost irremediable unhappiness, in the conditions of a permanent war between reason and passion. Some use the word religion for this kind of schizophrenia.

On the other hand, we are dealing with a beautiful, jovial, faithful, exuberant, incredible, infinite form, infinite in expression, with which you can boast to the same degree in the university hall or bus station. In the Chamber of Deputies or in the middle of businessmen. You can proudly speak of Him in the school benches or simply in the hospital or car shop where you work, because He is charming, savory, full of color, light and aroma. Always present, involved in the details, let you see your future through His eyes while, for your sake, crown the contexts and times. Is not this approach a little centered in man? Who's around who's dancing? Do we have anything to do with idolatry? Definitely not! We have been and will be His beloved ones, those whom he loves without limits with an extravagance that goes beyond our rationality and logic. Such love has the power to untie the ropes of death, to lift us out of the cold cavity of religion, to strip us of the tight coat of dogmas, and to give us the possibility of dancing in two. A dance is a relationship capable of changing paradigms, breaking down mentalities and putting everything back on another foundation. Relationship and not religion! This is the cry.

Decenu.eu? Yes, why would not I be, why would not you be the one to taste this "dance" and then teach God where you are, leaving your skills and abilities touched by this passion for Him? We are all called to live with passion, joy and dignity the Christian identity in all spheres of society, changing its culture! Art, politics, local government, education, business, sports, media, all these pillars of society need competent, honest, vertical people. Come and be part of this dream that goes beyond confessional and theological limits! Come to build together! Let your skills add to society.

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