Renewed Camp

20/08/2018 - 08:00
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Camp, excursion
Pensiunea Sequoia



19/07/2018 - 18:00
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GLS Strategies for tomorrow
Emotional Intelligence



27/06/2018 - 18:00
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Elevate your life - dr. R. Heard
Book release & conference


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Our purpose is to create and grow a community of artists firmly rooted in Christian values. We also know the art is a kind of Cinderella in Romania, especially in the evangelical area, and that’s why we deeply want to encourage the children and the youth to discover their artistic inclinations and then to offer them everything they need to excel.

On the other side, like with other trades, a ”guild” is needed. A place to belong to. A community of people from whom to steal a job. Whom to have around and with whom to celebrate the small successes or oh whose shoulders to mourn you small or big unsuccessful attempts.

Get involved into one of clubs

and let your passion and abilities bring a fresh wind

Scouts club

An itinerary with guiding marks that remain for the entire life

Literature club

Start the imagination wheel and then start writing!

Social club

Be the light and power for those who suffer!

Political club

Love your neighbour respecting his life, goods and dignity

Music club

Music is the delight of the soul

Sports club

A sound mind needs a sound body

Art club

Colours instead of words. Artistry instead of arguments

Business club

Be creative! Be innovative! Invest! Stay firm!

We had a good time together.

Hook-ups from the previous events

How to hear the voice of God?

God is a passionate lover of human souls.

The ages of love

Love is an interlacing of times, a flow of intentionalities

Workshop for hearts

"Up! go down to the potter's house, and there I will let my words come to your ears." Jeremiah 18:2

Paula Seling and the bells choir

Love keeps people together

Global Leadership Summit

Learn to be a leader!

Not An Idol Concert - Album Release

Pure, nice, beyond expectation.


Christian values shared with passion. is an interdenominational platform that has the purpose to facilitate public contexts where Christian values can be communicated with passion in order to create vivid communities of people that live their Christian identity with joy and dignity in all spheres of society.


Relevance; Excellence; Competence; Character.

We choose to be culturally relevant transposing Christian values in a coherent and actual language, organizing public events that have the fingerprints of excellence. We promote people of character that got qualified to be role models in their fields of ministry. We are dynamic, creative, we do teamwork, giving credit to everyone’s competence and expertise.

Get involved


We want to become your friend.

Come and join us. Come and socialize. We meet every week to study the Scripture, to listen to each other’s life stories, to pray for each other or just to eat and laugh together. You could also be part of the team that organises events, getting involved in one of the following groups: media, social, politic, administration, education or business. So, if you reverberate with our vision and values, please fill in the form and we will contact you!

Find out about future events and activities

by joining our discussion group.